How To Hook Up On Easter

Easter marks the beginning of Spring, and there by the infamous Spring Fling season. While it may seem blasphemous, you can bag a man at church, if you’re subtle. Old peeps just love matchmaking! And what better place to meet a nice guy than in church? Here’s how you can turn Easter in to a real man-feast!1. Ho It Alone: Holidays are all about hanging out with family, but then you’re stuck with them. Bring another single friend to church and meet up with the kinfolk for dinner. But if you’re alone, you can definitely try to mack on the most men. It’s also a bonus because you’ll get sympathy for being alone at church on the holidays. Sniff.

2. Gimme A Break: Definitely take a bathroom break during the service. Try to sneak out after you see a hottie head out. Then you can bump into him on his way back in. Just remember, dudes take half the time of ladies in the loo! Don’t do this trick more than once or you’ll look like your having some not-so-sexy stomach issues. If you want a second round, hit the water fountain.

3. The Hunt For Your Eggs: Sure, Jesus didn’t come up with the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, but whoever did is a genius! It gives you an infinite number of chances to work that “Legally Blonde” style bend-and-snap. Now, it’s best if you can borrow a kid (who’s, say, 5-to-8-years-old that you’re just supervising, not a baby who’ll hang on you and potentially spew on your dress) so you don’t look like an adult preying on the candy.

4 Photo Op: Everybody gets dressed to impress on Easter and that means you’ll be taking a big family photo. So, stroll around the church and the park alone, cruising for a cutie. When you see him with his clan all lined up, offer to take their photo for them. It’s the perfect way for him to notice just how sweet and available you are!

5. Volunteer: Around the holidays, churches are always looking for extra hands to help out with all the extra peeps. Sure, being at the mercy of a group of type A hens twice your age may sound annoying, but they all have hot young sons that they want to find nice church-going girls for! Not to mention, you’ll see everyone who comes, you can wander around freely, and accidentally run into more dudes coming out of the bathroom because you’ll be bopping around.

6. Don’t Rest Until You’ve Said Your Peace: This step requires you to get to church early. Bummer, we know. But good things come to those who wait! So, watch for a total babe to walk in, then sit right near him. This way you’ll get more opportunities for him to notice you and definitely the chance to reach out, grasp his hand, and say, “Peace be with you.” And by peace, you mean a piece of you!