A Fridge Magnet That Gets Pizza To Your Mouth Faster

I am actually really kind of jealous of the people of Dubai, because aside from having islands shaped like the world, and the largest indoor ski slope, they’ve also got amazing pizza technology. Red Tomato Pizza restaurant created a fridge magnet with a built-in bluetooth device that allows you to order pizza simply by PUSHING A BUTTON. On your fridge. Once your pizza button is pressed, you receive a text message with the details of your order. The system stores your pizza preferences, so you get the pie you want every time. The pizza magnet comes with its very own pizza box, and to avoid accidentally ordering pizza, like, 2o times a day, you have to lift the box lid to actually press the pizza button (How embarrassing would it be to lean up against your refrigerator door and call in an order for 47 pizzas, right?)

Right now, the technology is only available via Red Tomato Pizza, but here’s hoping pizza fridge buttons make it this way soon. You can check out their epic promotional video after the jump. [Daily Mail]