Jason Schwartzman And Roman Coppola Star In This “Videogram About Love”

Psssst — if you’re only going to watch one video on the Internet today, make it this one. I don’t know who goes about their day thinking, “I’m only going to watch one video on the Internet today,” but maybe it’s you. I could probably benefit from a rule like that myself, come to think of it. Anyway! Jason Schwartzman, outstanding actor (R.I.P. “Bored to Death”), musician by way of Coconut Records, and all-around cool person teamed up with his cousin, who just so happens to be Roman Coppola, director, producer, writer, actor, son of Francis Ford Coppola, and co-conspirator of Wes Anderson (these people kill me; can you tell?) on this little video for offbeat high-style site NOWNESS (click, it’s cool!).

The clip, a quirky, irreverent (as in, if you’re the type of person who uses filters on their Instagram photos of fresh coffee and city lights, you might be slightly offended) play on six-second vignettes inspired by the Vine app, shows Schwartzman and Coppola discussing aspects of love back and forth. They ask each other questions like, “Do you have an article of your girlfriend’s clothing that you can wear?” and “Roman, a woman from the Internet named Denise wants to know, what would your stripper name be?” It’s cute and relevant and also pretty funny (not surprising, considering the source). Now, what would you do to sit in on a Coppola family gathering? [Refinery29]