In Which We Catch Up With Katherine Chloe Cahoon, Musical Theater Savant & Flirting Expert

If you have been on this thing called The Internet for a few years, you might remember a lil’ lady by the name of Katherine Chloe Cahoon. A few years ago, she published a book called The Single Girls’ Guide To Meeting European Men. The inherent problems with that premise/milieu aside, Cahoon publicized her book with a series of absolutely ridiculous videos, wherein she offered “helpful” tips for dating while abroad. Stuff like: Travel to Octoberfest in Germany, because men like beer, and there’s beer there, and even if you don’t drink beer you can give the beers you don’t like to men you want to woo. Because BEER!

After her extensive and mortifying rise to YouTube fame (seriously, I’m in a KCC K-hole right now), we kind of lost track of dear old Katherine. But not anymore! I’m sorry that I’m a few months late in bringing this to you, but I’d like to present Katherine Chloe Cahoon’s first foray into the Classy Romantic Music Video (with High Kicks!) Genre, complete with ludicrous singing, dancing and facial expressions learned at the finest drama schools. As our friend Greg says, “It’s the world’s most elaborate Lasik commercial.” For your enjoyment. [YouTube]