Cate Edwards “Devastated” By Dad’s Affair With Rielle Hunter

  • Cate Edwards, daughter of John and the late Elizabeth Edwards, finally opened up to “The Today Show” about her dad’s affair with colorful ex-campaign videographer Rielle Hunter, which gave her five-year-old half sister, Quinn. The D.C. lawyer said she was “devastated” and calls Quinn a “really sweet, innocent little girl.” [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Kim Kardashian says she’s not going to name her baby “North,” but “Easton” is a serious contender. Easton West? What? [US Weekly]
  • A female director named Louise Hung on how she learned to love being the boss in a male-dominated industry. [xoJane]
  • Jennifer Lawrence says she’s so nervous and awkward on the red carpet that she’s like a “chihuahua.” [US Weekly]
  • 10 unsexy things that can actually improve your sex life. [Em & Lo]
  • Lil Wayne says he has a lot of seizures because he’s an epileptic — not a sizzurp addict. [MTV News]
  • The complete guide to Google-stalking your date or crush. [How About We]
  • Fox 8 News reporter Mark Zinni interned for “The Today Show” back in 1997 and wrote about how Matt Lauer was “not so nice” to work with, prompting an apology from Lauer over Twitter. [Huffington Post]
  • Folk singer Michelle Shocked is following up her recent anti-gay rant by covering her mouth with duct tape and staging a sit-in protest. Okaaaaay. [Eonline]
  • How to have ritualistic sex in order to ensure a fertile harvest. (Seriously.) [The Gloss]

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