NYPD Sued By Woman For Sexual Assault, Harassment By Cop

The New York City Police Department is infamous for the controversial “stop and frisk” program, critiqued for how it is used for racial profiling.  This story, however, is more like stop and grope.

According to NYMag.com, a Brooklyn woman, Latonya Ratcliff, 39, is suing the city after Officer Joseph Jette entered an apartment, where Ratcliff works as a live-in caregiver, to search for guns and ended up sexually assaulting her. During a not-so-routine patdown, Latonya claims officer Jette “cupped her breast and butt,” according to the Post. Then, when questioning Ratcliff alone in the apartment’s bedroom, Officer Jette allegedly picked up a porn DVD. The Post reports that Ratcliff said, “He asked me if I liked these positions and if I wanted to do them with him and I told him no.”

After the alleged grope and sexual proposition, Officer Jette allegedly told her they should “hang out,” and gave Ratcliff his number. Um, no.

This wouldn’t be the first time the NYPD was accused of sexual assault. In 2011, a cop was acquitted of raping a drunk woman in her own apartment (while his partner napped). Over the summer, another officer was accused of raping a woman at gun- and knifepoint. The year before that, another officer grabbed a woman off the street, threatened to shoot her, and raped her in her yard; a neighbor witnessing the rape called the police.

“Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect” at its finest!

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