Michigan Radio Station Won’t Play Rick Ross After Rape Reference In Rap Song

  • Radio station 103.7 The Beat in Michigan announced it won’t play Rick Ross or Lil Wayne music in their rotation because of their offensive lyrics. Wayne equated what he wanted to do to a woman’s body with what happened to murdered black man Emmett Till; earlier this week, Ross rapped about slipping “molly” (MDMA) in a woman’s drink and raping her. A statement from 103.7 The Beat explained,  “While we believe in freedom of speech, creative writing and individualism, we refuse to be part of the problem by spreading messages that could harm or end someone’s life.” Ross, meanwhile, says the whole thing is a “misinterpretation” because he never said the word “rape” and he wants all the “sexy ladies, the beautiful ladies” to know he thinks rape is bad. Uh huh. [Clutch Mag, Clutch Mag]
  • Arizona’s state House advanced a bill that will allow business owners to ban transgendered folks from using the bathroom of their identified sex (i.e. a trans man who was biologically born a woman would be required to use the woman’s bathroom). [Salon]
  • Barbara Walters will reportedly retire in 2014 after five decades working in the media as a journalist and co-host. [The Wrap]
  • The Daily Beast’s interactive map of abortion access in the United States, which shows you how far locations are from the nearest abortion provider, is really well-done (and scary). [The Daily Beast]
  • An NYPD officer reportedly admonished a 13-year-old boy to “stop crying like a little girl” during a stop-and-frisk on the street in Harlem. Although the boy was carrying no weapons, he was cuffed and taken to the station. [Think Progress]
  • Here’s a teacher’s tale about teaching her 9th graders about consent. [Accidental Devotional]
  • On why you should stop talking about single mothers unless you have some solutions. [Clutch Mag]
  • More on why “Dr. Who” needs to hire some female writers. [io9]
  • How Ellen DeGeneres helped change the conversation about gays. [NPR]
  • Was Miley Cyrus appropriating “rachet” culture with her infamous “twerking” video? [Feministing]


  • Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old girl who was shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban for her advocacy on behalf of girls’ education, has sold a book about her ordeal called I Am Malala. [Guardian UK]
  • The Congress in Brazil passed a labor rights bill to protect domestic workers, who are predominantly women, by making them entitled to overtime pay if they work a maximum of eight hours a day and 44 hours a week. Roughly seven million women are employed in Brazil as housekeepers. [BBC]
  • The British Columbia Center for Disease Control is using fear of rape as an impetus for women to get the HPV vaccine. [Gender-Focus]
  • The new pope, Pope Francis, included two women in the papal feet washing ceremony for the first time ever. Usually the 12 individuals who get their feet washed by the pope are male because Jesus’ apostles were male. [Guardian UK]

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