#EdgyHeadlines Flips The Gender Switch On Mass Media’s Lady Obsession

Feminist Kate Harding was fed up with constantly hearing about whether women could “have it all.” The scourge of mass media articles questioning women’s place in the home and in the office had reached a fever pitch. She began asking herself, What would happen if we replaced female pronouns for male pronouns? How ridiculous would these stories begin to sound. “Are men fit to lead? Can men have it all? Are men too competitive with each other? Are men their own worst enemies?” she tweeted. See how crazy it sounds?

And yet, we’re constantly bombarded by stories that question, basically, the validity of our existences. So Hardy, author of the forthcoming book Asking For It, created the #edgyheadlines hashtag, a place where Twitterers could turn the gender paradigm on its head. Stuff like: “Silicon Valley CEO says there would be more men in tech if they asserted themselves more” and “MALE PILOTS: How do their hormonal cycles affect their performance?”

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