Dakota Fanning & 14 Celebs With Pink Hair — And How To Get It For Yourself!

This past week, Dakota Fanning (that’s the elder Fanning) debuted her pink-again hair while out and about in NYC. Pink hair has gone from the beauty fringes to way in the mainstream, and these days pretty much anyone and everyone is rocking it. Why pink? Maybe because it’s sort of sweet and feminine while still retaining a hard edge. In any case, you know women as disparate as Avril Lavigne and Helen Mirren are both rocking pink locks, it’s a color that’s here to stay. Check out all the pink-hued hotties above!

So how do you get pink hair, and can you do it at home? Yes! And no…

1. A full head of pink is a lot of look, so consider just doing the your ends or just a few sections. After all, unless you’ve got some baby blonde hair, this pink excursion is going to require bleach, and lots of it. A full head of bleach-damaged hair can be a bit hard to manage. Do NOT bleach your hair at home — a lot of things can go wrong, from bleach getting in the wrong places, to hair breakage, to turning your hair an awful shade of James Franco orange. You really don’t want that. And keep in mind that if you have very dark hair, it may take a couple of trips to the salon before you achieve a light enough shade. Plus, if you have weak hair (meaning your hair shafts don’t handle the bleach well) a stylist may recommend that you take a week for your hair to rest between processes.

2. Once the bleaching part is done, you can opt to do the pinking part yourself. Phew, you’ve gotten your bleach taken care of. Now’s the fun part — the color. We highly, highly recommend that you go with a temporary color. Pink is definitely a statement look, and possibly not one you want to make forever. So we suggest you use a temp dye like Manic Panic (really, the bright hair color innovators), which will last up to a couple of weeks. Want it for even less time? Davines makes a conditioner for red hair called Alchemic Red that will actually turn blonde hair pink.  A bit on the artistic side? Try chalk.  You can even dye it with Kool-Aid (I did this once when I was 14. It tasted delicious.)

And if you’re interested in just the slightest wisps of pinkness in your tresses, there are mascara-like temporary hair dyes that give you the opportunity to brush on color for the night. We’re a fan of Streekers — you can keep it in your purse and reapply as necessary, too.

3. But wait — you don’t have to bleach if you don’t want to! Ladies with dark hair can still get their pink on, albeit in a more subtle, more muted shade. Manic Panic’s Dye Hard styling gel goes on wet and dries in hard bright shades. Splat also makes shades they claim will go over dark hair. But don’t expect a shocking pink like Dakota’s — more likely it’ll show up as a sort of pink halo around your hair. See also: Snooki’s deep red-pink shade for reference.

4. You know what? I really don’t want to dye my hair at all. You can get the pink effect with clip in colorful hair extensions. Sultra makes brightly colored clip-in extensions from Remy hair.

5. Want your color to last longer? Wash your hair in a solution of one part vinegar and one part water solution. Or use color-protecting shampoos. Or wash with cold water. Or mix a bit of hair dye into your conditioner, too.

6. Actually, screw it, I want a full head of pink hair. Sure, bleach your whole head, or do as Nicki Minaj does, and get a bangin’ wig.

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