Bro-On-Bro Violence: When Bros Assault Bros For Drawing Penises On Bros

Bro code rule number one is that if you pass out at a party or a gathering of bros, you have to accept the consequences. The consequences, historically and bro-culturally, are typically that you’ll wake up with a dick or several dicks drawn on your face. It’s not necessarily fair, but thems the rules. So when 31-year-old (!) James Denham Watson got wasted and passed out on the couch while hanging out with his friends, he shouldn’t have been surprised to wake up with a gallimaufry of penises scrawled across his face.

But oh, Watson straight up ignored bro code and, suspecting his roommate was responsible for the crude satellite of schlongs, decided to pounce. He ran up to his unnamed roommate’s bedroom and began beating him. The pair’s third roommate was able to separate the two. The unnamed roommate was then taken to the hospital and treated for serious facial injuries. Watson, on the other hand, was arrested and charged with malicious wounding. And, one can assume, being a crappy bro. [Arl Now]

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