Who Is Going To Buy This $91,500 “Crocodile Chiffon” Hermes T-Shirt?

“Chiffon” and “crocodile” are two words I have never before seen occupying the same sentence. Well, Hermes must have noticed, because they’ve officially tapped into the niche “things that are made of chiffon, and also of crocodile” market that there is such a massive demand for. Hermes is just the best like that, you know? Those patron saints of all the stuff you really need whipped up this super-awesome men’s t-shirt crafted from “an innovative lightweight dyed crocodile,” which sounds kinda sweaty. It’s also retailing at the totally reasonable price of $91,500 at the brand’s Madison Avenue store, right next to a whole range of other chiffon crocodile shirts running from $60,000-$100,000. Which, psh. Pocket change. I have that tucked into my bra right now, don’t you? I will be sorely disappointed if Scott Disick isn’t photographed wearing this in a few weeks’ time. In the meantime, here’s some other stuff you could buy for $91,500, you dummy. [Fashionista]

2.676 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen The Row alligator backpacks. (Unfortunately, not chiffon.)

This house in Vega, Texas. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, “nice brick home one block from school.” And still have $500 to spare!

2013 BMW 3-Series 328i Convertible. Roughly two of them.

60 MacBook Pros. 6-0. You and your family could be covered in MacBook Pros.

102,247 Taco Bell 89-cent tacos.