North Dakota Governor Signs “Fetal Heartbeat” Abortion Bill

  • Abortions are banned in North Dakota as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can be as early as six weeks, after Governor Jack Dalrymple signed the nation’s most restrictive abortion ban into law. This bill is one of several restrictive abortion bills that ND has passed through its legislature recently. [Bismark Tribune, The Week]
  • A male student at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill who is accused of raping fellow student Landen Gambill claims that she has created a “intimidating” environment on campus for him. He was cleared of a sexual assault charge by a campus board, but was found guilty by that same board of harassing Gambill. Still, he faces no criminal charges. Gambill is one of five students who asked the federal government to look into UNC’s handling of sexual violence cases at the school. [WRAL]
  • Eight edgy post-feminist pitches for the traffic-hungry editor, like “I Don’t Have To Know You To Know You Were Asking For It.” [Feministing]
  • President Obama appointed Julia Pierson as the Secret Service’s first-ever female director. [Newser]
  • Here’s a timeline of politicians’ support for marriage equality. [Mother Jones]
  • Nine-year-old Mackenzie Wilson blew past her $829 Kickstarter goal to build her own video game. [San Francisco Gate]
  • On the casual nudity of Lena Dunham. [The Peach]


  • The German lingerie company Blush had a woman dressed like the jailed feminist punk rockers walk around Moscow in nothing but lingerie and a balacava. [BuzzFeed]
  • On how street theater is bringing attention to violence against women in Bangladesh. [UN Women]

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