Did Yoko Ono Rip Off A Young Designer? Survey Says …

Remember when we told you about Angel Barta, the woman who claims Marc Jacobs like, stole her life for his collections and ad campaigns? We have a new entry into the “Maybe This Famous Person Ripped Me Off” category: Brooklyn designer Haleh Nematzadeh says Yoko Ono stole her designs for her latest collaboration with NYC brand Opening Ceremony. The Ono collection, you’ll remember, is full of handsy hands in all the wrong places.

Why Yoko would want to steal the collection and claim it as her own is beyond us: it just wreaks of derivative ’80s streetwear. But nevertheless! Nematzadeh says Opening Ceremony got their hands on her collection after she sent over one of her lookbooks for review. Perusing Nematzadeh’s site, there are a few hands-on designs, though her overall collection is a bit more varied than Ono’s looks. Ono claims she was inspired by her late husband, John Lennon.”He was a very forward-thinking person, and also he had a really beautiful body,” she said. “And I was actually inspired by that.” Thus far, she’s refused to comment on Nematzadeh’s claim.

Said Nematzadeh, who filed a formal suit against Ono on Friday, “She’s trying to put fetish in context, but since when does fetish and John Lennon go together? When you think of the Beatles, you think of doves and trees, not that.” Fair enough. The Ono collection, by the way, costs upwards of $600, but if you really like it, I’ll come to your house and paint hand turkeys on the crotch of your jeans for way less than that. [The Telegraph]