Converse Now Selling Dirty, Pre-Scuffed Sneakers For People Too Busy To Break In Their Own Shoes

If you’ve ever owned a pair of Converse sneakers, you’ve experienced the long and arduous process of breaking them in. It can take six months to a year of daily wear to get them softened up and perfectly molded to your foot, at which point you can enjoy a brief window of sneaker self-actualization before a hole appears in the sole and you have to buy a new pair and start over. Converse addicts will tell you this is all part of the Converse experience, but apparently not everyone has the time or energy to break in their shoes. Enter Converse’s aptly titled “Well Worn Collection,” a new line of sneakers that are scuffed up, dirty, and worn-in, right out of the box.

These pre-scuffed sneakers will actually cost you more than a pair of original Chuck Taylors (prices start at $65 a pair), and while I wouldn’t think twice about buying a pair of distressed jeans, I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of buying dirty shoes. What do you guys think of this collection? Will you be buying a pair of worn-in sneakers? [Daily Mail]