Unlikely Style Inspiration: Gloria Steinem, On Her Birthday

Gloria Steinem is a feminist hero. She’s also a smokin’ hot babe with great style. Since today is her 79th birthday, we thought we’d celebrate not only her contributions to the feminist movement, but also her enduring look — her signature oversized glasses, short skirts and center-parted hair. We’ve attempted to help you get her mod squad look with a modicum of effort. Check out our style inspiration pieces after the jump!

1. Evolatree Sexy Sun Cheaters Sunglasses, $18.99
2. Jenny Han Chive Skirt, $96
3. Made Ngoo Heart Ring, $42.39
4. Mango Oversized Rings, $14.99
5. Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Turtleneck, $38.99
6. Steve Madden Tryffle Mule, $99

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