Ford India Ads Show Kardashians & Other Women Bound, Gagged & Locked In Car Trunks

Looking at pictures of women with cartoonishly large breasts, bound and gagged in the backseat of the trunk of a car, you might think you’re looking at bondage porn.

But no, you would be looking at someone’s idea of “advertising” for the Ford Motor Company. The tagline? “Leave Your Worries Behind.”

Ford’s India unit is in hot water after a series of mock-up ads — at least one showing Paris Hilton driving a Ford Figo with the Kardashian sisters tied up in the trunk, another showing Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi with random scantily clad women tied up in the trunk — appeared online last week on a site called Ads Of The World.

Another mock-up ad depicts Formula One driver Michael Schumacher with other men he competes against tied up in the trunk. One can’t help but note how the sexualized the images of the women bound and gagged in the trunks are — poor judgment in a country which has had a series of high-profile gang rapes and murders.

The mock-up ads appeared this weekend on a site showcasing creative advertising. It’s not clear whether Ford, the brand of car depicted in the ads, were directly involved with their creation; the advertising company connected to the violent images, WWP Group, added that the mock-up ads “should never have been created let alone uploaded to the internet.” A Ford India spokesperson told the AP the company is investigating the incident. The company released a statement calling the ads “contrary to the standars of professionalism and decency within Ford.”

The images have since been pulled offline.

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