“Breaking Bad” Script Stolen From Bryan Cranston’s Car

  • Whoa: someone broke into Bryan Cranston’s car and stole a tote bag containing a “Breaking Bad” script! A window of Cranston’s car, which was parked in Albuquerque, New Mexico, got smashed and the bag carrying his script and iPad were taken. A man has been arrested for the theft, but the script has not been recovered. In conclusion, people are crazy. [Videogum]
  • What are “sex gypsies”? They’re people who hook up with you so they have a place to stay (yours!) because they don’t want to pay rent or hotel bills. [New York Post]
  • Damian Lewis kinda sorta dropped a “Homeland” spoiler. [Digital Spy]
  • Nickelodeon’s “Clarissa Explains It All” is going to be turned into a book called Things I Can’t Explain about a 23-year-old Clarissa who works as a journalist. [NYmag.com Vulture]
  • Beyoncé and Blue Ivy were snapped at brunch at a restaurant in Brooklyn yesterday. Beyoncé is just like us! [Huffington Post]
  • I saw “Spring Breakers” last night and can confirm it is the weirdest movie EVER. Here’s some other worst spring break movies of all time. [Popdust]
  • “The Voice UK” coach Jessie J says it’s bullshit that a woman can’t be a judge on a singing competition without getting labeled a “diva.” [RadioTimes]
  • The co-chair of Sony Pictures has called out Hollywood for jokes about prison rape and casual homophobia. [Think Progress]
  • New webseries are coming from Felicia Day! [Hollywood Reporter]
  • 10 old-fashioned cuss words that would have gotten olde-tymey mouths washed out with soap. [Mental Floss]

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