Singers Are Using Vibrators To Hit The High Notes

University of Alberta vocal coach David Ley accidentally discovered that using sex toys could help ailing singers relax their vocal cords. When looking for vocal massage devices he ended up at the local sex shop. Now he swears by the little purple vibrator for singers, actors or anyone experiencing vocal strain.

“I know it’s a bit different … I know there’s a giggle factor, but it works … It relaxes tension in the larynx … it improves range and projection … What I’m trying to do is to help the person hit that high note or harness their emotional energy,” Ley said.

As a former singer and actress, I’d like to confirm that I never used a vibrator to get in touch with my falsetto or harness my emotional energy (at least, not on my vocal cords), but it makes perfect sense. Much of vocal and acting training consists of spending hours and hours humming. Vibrators would make getting warmed up so much easier. [The Star]