I Can Barely Breathe Because Kim Kardashian’s Skirt Is So Tight

Not to concern troll, especially because I am not in the habit of feeling sorry for Kim Kardashian, but seriously, guys, I weep for this woman’s feet, lower back, and rabidly stretching stomach region. You would think that Kim would give herself a day off from dressing to the nines from time to time because, you know, she’s pregnant. I would just love to see Kim go for lunch with family or friends in some stretchy pants, a loose T-shirt and a pair of sneakers, rather than a skintight leather skirt and stilettos. I mean, this is an outfit I would find horrifically uncomfy on even my best day. Take a load off, Kim. Your feet are gonna swell on their own accord, they don’t need the help of painful high heels. And wouldn’t it be nice to give your belly a break from straining against the waist line of some absurd piece of couture? Because I don’t even really like you and yet I am experiencing sympathy pain. At the very least, do it for me. [Photos: Fame/Flynet/INFDaily]