Our 23 Favorite “What Are We Wearing Today” Outfits!

The Frisky is five! And to celebrate, we’re taking a look back at some of our outfits, poses and hairstyles from days of yore. If there’s one thing this old trip down memory lane made me realize, it’s just how much I miss having short hair. Also, as we’ve all continued to work together, our styles have become more and more similar — like those old couples that start looking alike, or people whose pets resemble them. Both Rachel and I never used to shop at Madewell before Madewell’s Number One Fan, Amelia, entered our lives. And it’s great to see Ami’s jumpsuit style evolution. And the haircuts? The haircuts!

Anyway, take a gander at our style, past and present, and tell us how your look’s changed over the years in the comments!