Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Can Drop And Give You 20

Happy belated birthday to Supreme Court Justice Bader Ginsburg!  There are so many reasons to love the two-time cancer survivor Justice: from her stance on reproductive rights, to holding it down as the solo woman on the court for three years (post-Sandra Day O’Connor, pre-Sonia Sotomayor).

Yesterday March 19, The Washington Post revealed another endearing insight: the octogenarian sees personal trainer, Bryant Johnson, twice a week.  

Ginsberg began regular training sessions in 1999 after a bout of colon cancer, at the urging of her late husband.  Mentally and physically, Justice Ginsburg is staying sharp:

“When I started, I looked like a survivor of Auschwitz. Now I’m up to 20 push-ups.”

Johnson points out to the Post that those are “old-fashioned, knees-off-the-ground push-ups.” In other words, ones we can’t do. I suddenly have this intense desire to study law and go to the gym all in the same sentence.  Happy birthday, Justice Ginsburg.  You are inspiring in so many ways!

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