American Eagle Outfitters’ New Skinny Skinny Jeans Are So Skinny They’re Spray-On

Jeans keep getting skinnier, am I right? But still, sometimes they’re just not skinny enough. American Eagle Outfitters has taken that a step further with their new Skinny Skinny Jeans — denim so skintight that it’s spray on. The Skinny Skinny Jeans have their own video (vaguely NSFW) and product page, which features a choice of two unisex signature colors — Indigo and Bright Light — but sadly, when you try and add the $49.95 “jeans” to your cart, the site alerts you that they’re sold out. I guess if this rather brilliant marketing campaign manages to draw you to the AE site, you’ll maybe stick around to purchase one of their other styles of denim which, sadly, are only as skinny as actual fabric will allow. [American Eagle Outfitters via College Candy]