Rush Limbaugh Thinks Beyoncé’s Song “Bow Down” Is About Submitting To Jay-Z

  • Today in Things Rush Limbaugh Grossly Misunderstands About America in 2013: he raved on his show about how Beyoncé’s new song “Bow Down” is an ode to wifely submission, praising her for doing a “total 180,” marrying her “rich” husband Jay-Z and “she now understands it’s worth it to bow down.” Now, had this four-times-married conservative shock jock actually listened to the song, he would know that “Bow Down” is not about wifely submission at all and is actually about jealous girls. Or that the title is not called “Bow Down Bitches.”  [Think Progress]

  • And of course, the all-too-predictable fight about whether “Bow Down” is anti-feminist. [Feministing]
  • More than half of 2012 women voters identify as feminists according to a new poll of voters by the Feminist Majority Foundation. [Ms. Magazine]
  • A Texas senate committee has advanced a bill placing arbitrary restrictions on the state’s abortion clinics, which has the intention of forcing many of those clinics to close. []
  • An Arizona state lawmaker has introduced a pill to punish transgender people who use the “wrong” bathroom. [Think Progress]
  • On why we need more young adult novels with gay characters. [xoJane]


  • Ukraine’s feminist activists FEMEN are infamous for whipping their boobs out while protesting against misogyny and injustice. But is their willingness to get topless obscuring their good message? [Guardian UK]
  • South African photographer Zanele Muholi celebrates lesbian and trans folks within her country in a new exhibit called “Faces And Phases.” [Clutch Magazine]
  • The first female mayor of Lima, Peru, Susana Villaran, has survived a recall vote. [BBC]

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