Only The Fat, Gay And Childless Are Welcome At This Guy’s Hair Salon

A female stylist is suing the gay, male owner of a UK beauty salon for being a “sexist bully.” Natasha Bramhall claims Funky Divas owner, Andrew Rogers told her that he only wanted to hire fat, gay hairdressers because they wouldn’t get pregnant and have to go on maternity leave.

Bramhall says that while she was pregnant, Rogers forced her to handle unsafe products (stuff like bleach, I’m assuming) and that it made her “anxious and stressed.” When she returned to work after giving birth to her son, Rogers allegedly demoted Bramhall, forcing her to quit.

Other former female employees of Funky Divas are backing up Bramhall’s claims. Kirsty Diver testified that Rogers said that “in the future he will be employing only fat, gay and lesbian members of staff as no one would want to have a baby with a fat person and gays and lesbians would not need to be off for maternity or paternity leave.”

Another former employee, who is remaining anonymous, claims that she gave birth in the Funky Divas bathroom because she was too afraid to tell Rogers she was pregnant. “Andrew used to say ‘I’m sick of these women draining the resources, I am going to make their life hell … He wanted to sack someone when he found out they were pregnant. He just didn’t want the hassle,” she said.

Rogers denies all the accusations, calling the charges “sabotage” by a group of employees who want to open a rival salon.

If this true, Rogers sounds like he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to being an an all-around awful person. Things have to be pretty dire to feel like your only option is to give birth in a salon bathroom, so I hope these women get justice. And after they do, I hope someone makes a TV show based on Funky Divas and the alleged rival salon. [Queerty]