“My Strange Addiction” Face Off: Would You Rather Drink Blood Or Pee?

Let’s play a game of “My Strange Addiction” Would You Rather.  You go first. Would you rather drink blood or drink pee? You have to pick one, “neither” is not an option.

While you think about your answer, let’s take a moment to remember Carrie from last season, the woman who had been drinking her own urine — as well as using it to bathe, moisturize, and brush her teeth — for four years because she believed it helped send her cancer into remission. So, that’s your first choice.

Now, I’ll tell you about Michelle, the blood drinker who will be appearing on the March 20th episode. Just to clarify, she does not want to categorize herself as a vampire, she is simply someone who enjoys blood quite a lot. 

“I drink human blood as much as I can. Everybody has their own flavor, their own taste,” Michelle explains. “There is definitely a difference between drinking a man’s blood and a female’s blood. A man’s blood, to me, has always been thicker in some way.”

She prefers to feed from “donors” she’s close to — friends or lovers that she knows inside and out — from the upper arm, the elbow area, the upper back or the inner thigh. She avoids the neck because “that’s way too cliche.”

While she prefers the taste of human blood, she can’t always just get it willy nilly, so often it’s easier for her to drink animal blood. I’ve included a clip of Michelle’s episode below.

Your answer? Choose carefully. [ONTD]