13-Year-Old Girl Bullied Online After Alleged Rape By Two Torrington, CT, Football Players

Two 18-year-old football players at Torrington High School in Torrington, Connecticut, allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl. The two young athletes have each been charged with the felony of second-degree sexual assault, along with two other charges.

It’s disturbing enough that Edgar Gonzales and Joan Toribio (who are being held in a correction facility and are out on a $50K bond, respectively) may have sexually assaulted a 13-year-old. What’s also disturbing are the vile, slut-shaming tweets about the young girl calling her a “ho” and a “snitch.”

The Register-Citizen, the newspaper for Litchfield County, CT, collected a bunch of tweets making comments like “I wanna know why there’s no punishment for young hoes,” “Sticking up for a girl who wanted the D and then snitched? Have a seat, please,” “I hope you got what you wanted,” and “You destroyed two people’s life.” That last one was tweeted by someone whose Twitter name had been changed to #FreeEdgar. (The Register-Citizen did its best to confirm all these tweets are interconnected and related, explaining, “Affiliations were determined by followers, posts of photographs and references.”)

Additionally, one of the young men may not have been allowed to play on Torrington’s football team in the first place: Edgar Gonzales was charged with felony robbery after jumping three 14-year-old boys and trying to steal money. Overall, Edgar Gonzales sounds like a real stand-up guy! The former head coach of the Torrington football team said he knew about the felony robbery charge, but he let Edgar play because he wanted to give him “a chance.” I don’t suppose he meant a chance to allegedly commit crimes against 14- and 13-year-olds and get away with them because he’s a big, cool football player no one — including his adult male coach — wants to fuck with.

Are we surprised at the total shittiness displayed in Torrington? In light of the Stuebenville rape trial — the cruelty displayed by football players joking about the “dead girl,” CNN’s grief for the two “promising” young rapists who had their lives ruined, and the girls’ who threatened to kill the Steubenville victim — no, of course it’s no surprise.

It’s hard for the heart not to harden when you see no end to the athlete-worshiping, victim-blaming and lack of compassion for victims of violent sexual crimes. When will we learn?


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