10 Ways To Deal With “Enlightened” Being Canceled (In GIFs)

Yesterday afternoon, HBO finally broke the bad news — they had officially canceled the critically acclaimed show “Enlightened.” The show, starring Laura Dern and written by Mike White, suffered in the ratings during its two seasons, but had a strong and loyal fan base who had spent the last few months taking to the interwebs to urge the network to give the show another season. Alas, it seems it was not meant to be. The second season concluded a few weeks ago, and White purposefully wrote the final episode with the possible cancelation in mind. Ideally, the show would be renewed, but if not, the second season ending tied things up for Amy Jellicoe in a somewhat neatish bow.

I came into watching “Enlightened” late — way late. I binge-watched every episode over the course of a week, and then watched the  season — now series — finale with everyone else. I fell madly in love with this show for its idealism and its depth and I’m so, so, so disappointed it won’t be coming back for a third season. I’m not alone — my Twitter timeline is filled with devastated and angry tweets from loyal “Enlightened” fans. What are we to do now that we’ll never know whether Amy triumphs against Abbadon, or gets back together with Levi (Luke Wilson), or whether Levi maintains his sobriety, or Tyler and Eileen’s relationship survives the fallout of his involvement in Amy’s whistleblowing? And what about Dougie? I was just starting to really love Dougie! Sigh.

Clearly, we need to figure how to cope with this news. I have some ideas for how to deal with the cancellation of “Enlightened”…

1. Do Yoga: A few sun salutations might help in restoring the inner peace and calm that a new episode of “Enlightened” always gave you.

2. Eat Healthy: Kale! Quinoa! Locally grown, grass fed meats! Amy would approve of eating consciously and just because “Enlightened” is over doesn’t mean you’re going to stop living your life by the WWAJD (What Would Amy Jellicoe Do?) Code.

3. Meditate: Clear your mind and sit in silence. Perhaps the answer to WHY THE FUCK THIS HAPPENED will come to you in meditation.

4. Take LSD: Forget it, maybe your search for answers needs a chemical kick.

5. Protest: Hey, wait a second! This doesn’t have to be over! Write letters to HBO! Picket in front of their offices! Get Anonymous involved! It’s not too late to change their mind! We can pretend this never happened!

6. Commune With Nature: Fuck corporate America. Who needs TV anyway? Who cares if the tree doesn’t hug you back?

7. Burn Sage: Tough love: it’s time to move on and realize “Enlightened” is never coming back. Cleanse the sadness and, in my case, guilt — why didn’t I start watching earlier?! — from your home by burning sage.

8. Cry: It’s okay to shed a few thousand tears. Amy wasn’t afraid to show her emotions and you shouldn’t be either. Purge those tear ducts.

9. Pop Pills: If all else fails, situational depression can be treated with medication under the advisement of a psychiatrist.

10. Remember You Survived “My So-Called Life”‘s Cancellation: If you can deal with never knowing if Jordan Catalano learned to read, you’ll get through this too.

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