Well Played: Emilia Clarke In Blue Victoria Beckham

Confession: I’ve never seen “Game of Thrones.” I know, I know; I shouldn’t be allowed to work for the Internet. I’m just a little bit gore-sensitive, like this one time I watched this movie “Valhalla Rising” and found it viscerally disturbing to the point of tears, and I’m worried that “GoT” is going to be like that for me, too. I should at least give it a chance, right? Anyway, even though I’ve never seen her in the show as Daenerys, I’m kind of obsessed with Emilia Clarke. She has the coolest eyebrows! And, duh, she looked amazing in this Victoria Beckham dress at the Season 3 premiere yesterday. I want her to be everywhere… and she probably will be. I just hope she isn’t actually dating Seth MacFarlane. She could do so, so much better.