Steubenville Rape Victim Asks For Donations To Be Sent To Women’s Shelter

Prior to and in the aftermath of the Steubenville rape trial verdict, donations have poured in from supporters wishing to contribute to the rape victim’s legal counsel. But “Jane Doe”‘s attorney Bob Fitzsimmons says he is doing the case pro bono. Since he is not charging his client for his services, she and her family have asked that any donations be sent to the YWCA’s Madden House in Wheeling, West Virginia, an emergency safe-shelter for women who are rebuilding their lives. Fitzsimmons says that they hope “the attention … can help other people that have been victimized by this type of crime,” Fitzsimmons said, “and give them some strength and some assurance that people are there to help them when that happens.” You can check out the organization and donate as little as $2 via PayPal here. [Madden House; Create Our Own Light]