Exclusive: “The Face” Contestants Dish On Naomi, Coco, Karolina & The Competition

Have you been watching “The Face”? If not, check it out. It’s a modeling competition, yes, but unlike any others out there. Each contestant is paired with a mentor — Karolina Kurkova, Coco Rocha or Naomi Campbell — and competes against models on the other mentor’s teams. The challenges are real world and the products, stylists and brands the girls work with are first rate, unlike some (ahem) other, jankier reality TV model competitions.

So far in the season, the group of 12 girls has been whittled down to six — Stephanie, Margaux, Jocelyn, Zi Lin, Ebony and Devyn.  The Frisky was lucky enough to speak with Jocelyn of Team Naomi, Stephanie of Team Coco and Ebony of Team Karolina, and while they wouldn’t answer questions about Naomi’s temper tantrums, (which really says it all, eh?), they did give us the scoop on challenges, eliminations — and what Nigel Barker really smells like.

And don’t forget to catch “The Face,” Tuesday nights at 9/8 c on Oxygen.

Had you watched prior reality modeling competitions? What made you decide “The Face” was the one for you?

Ebony: I was drawn to “The Face” because it was a great opportunity to learn from some of the best supermodels in the industry and valuable experience with real campaigns.

Stephanie: I’ve truthfully never watched any other modeling TV show! I don’t really watch much TV [Ed Note: I never believe reality TV contestants who say they don’t watch TV]  in general but I saw the ad for “The Face” online and since it said little no modeling experience required I decided to go for it.

Jocelyn: I had seen maybe one season of “America’s Next Top Model.” “The Face” producers asked me to do the show, and when they told me the mentors I decided it was something I wanted to do.

Did you know much about the mentors before you got on the show?

Stephanie: I didn’t really follow the modeling industry closely like I do now but I definitely knew who all of them were!

Ebony: I knew who Naomi was of course but once I researched Karolina and Coco I realized that I’ve seen them EVERYWHERE!

What were your first impressions of your teammates AND mentors?

Ebony: I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived. When I first saw the mentors I was in complete awe and seeing my teammates for the first time I realized there was some serious competition.

Stephanie: I was first in awe of my mentors but I thought all of them were intelligent and different in their own ways and I’d be lucky to be on any of their teams. I thought upon meeting my team that we had the potential to really get along and have a drama free environment.

Jocelyn: My first impression of my teammates was that we had the most diverse team and that Sandra was going to be difficult.

What’s been your favorite/least favorite challenge so far?

Ebony: My favorite challenge this far has been the open sky commercial and my least favorite was the lingerie shoot.

Stephanie: My favorite challenge was the runway one because it felt the most surreal walking down those steps! I’d have to say my least favorite challenge was the Marshall’s shoot because it turned out to be so stressful!

What’s one thing people might not know about your mentor?

Ebony (on Karolina): She likes to sing and is really good at it!

Jocelyn: A surprising thing you may not know about Naomi Campbell is that she travels with a frog! I travel with a shark, so I thought that was really cute she travels with a friend too.

Stephanie: I was surprised that Coco used to be an Irish dancer, and a damn good one at that! Seriously, go look that up.

What’s it like competing against women at varying levels of experience?

Ebony: I love competing against girls with different levels because it really tests you.

Jocelyn: I don’t like to compare myself with others. So the varying ‘levels’ of the women on The Face wasn’t something that was on my mind… I try to focus on myself.

Can you tell us a crazy/weird/funny behind the scenes thing that’s happened?

Stephanie: When I came back from the first elimination and Aleksandra went home causing Naomi to get mad, I avoided Naomi for as long as possible! One day she spotted me and came barreling toward me (which is really scary, by the way) and just wrapped me in a suffocating hug saying she didn’t hate me and she had to fight for her girl! Couldn’t breathe.

Were any of the eliminations that have happened so far been totally shocking or surprising to you?

Ebony: Not really. I hated saying goodbye but I would like to say I’ve done a pretty good job of calling who is staying and who was leaving.

Stephanie: I would say the eliminations involving other girls didn’t surprise me because each one I had a feeling of who would come back. The ones involving me surprised me every time considering how much experience the other girls have and how good they are!

What does Nigel Barker smell like?

Stephanie: Hmm … Nigel Barker smells like … a man I say, a real good smelling man.

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