Bradley Cooper’s Perm Is A Total Vagina Killer — Plus, How To Talk Dirty Without Scaring Her!

Ami Angelowicz | March 19, 2013 - 5:20 pm
  • Let’s talk about the unsexiest hairstyles for men starting with Bradley Cooper’s perm. My vagina just died. [Huffington Post Style]
  • Here are some ways that men are shooting themselves in the foot, sexually speaking. Clean your apartment, guy!! [Cracked]
  • Beth Ditto got really drunk, kicked a dude in the balls, took off her shoes and ranted about Obama. Is it wrong that I still think she’s awesome? [Evil Beet Gossip]
  • One male ejaculation is equal to about a teaspoon and a whole mess of other things no one probably ever told you about sex. [iVillage]
  • Happy endings don’t just happen for men getting massages. [Nerve]
  • Find out why Bow Wow owes a French porn star $80,000. [Stupid Celebrities]
  • When you Google “black girls” what comes up is some distressingly hypersexualized content. [Uptown Magazine]
  • It’s important to know how to talk dirty without freaking someone out. And no, “Oh yeah, you like that? You like that?” doesn’t count as dirty talk. [Modern Man]
  • Everything you need to know about the HPV vaccine. [Gurl]
  • If sex is painful for you, read this book. [Em & Lo]