A Play-By-Play Of The Kardashian Sisters’ Vagina Off

The Kardashians have graduated from bodily fluids to bodily scents. On last night’s episode of the “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami,” Khloe sniffed Kim and Kourtney’s koochies to see which one smelled better. I believe you would call this a vagina off. It’s like a dance off, but with krotches. The Kardashian vagina off began as all vagina offs do — with jealousy. When Khloe said, “Kim, you’re so gor-gina, that sometimes I want to put my dick in your mouth,” it was ON!

Kourtney, presumably feeling jealous of Kim’s gor-ginaness, fired back at Khloe with the ‘ol put-the-vagina-on-the-spot move. “Speaking of gor-gina,” she asked Khloe, “How does your vagina smell today?”

Oh snap! 

Khloe couldn’t step to that and automatically disqualified herself from the title of Best Smelling Kardashian Kitty Kontest, explaining that she’d been on a plane for 92 hours, so her vagina probably didn’t smell so swell.

Kourtney’s next move was the my-vagina-smells-better-than-yours. Her plan was to have both her and Kim take cloth napkins to the bathroom, slather them in their scents and let Khloe do a sniff test.

“We’re sisters,” Khloe explained, in an aside to camera, “If I can’t smell their pussies, what else are we supposed to do?”

I’m just going to leave that for the moment because I don’t have any answers. I don’t have sisters.

Anyhow, back to the vagina off. Kourtney’s pineapple soufflé smelled like a “tropical island” and Kim’s smelled like Kanye’s bleep and a flower bleep.

And the kitty winner was … Kim!

Still, Kourtney thinks her vagina is the sweetest of them all, she’s only letting Kim think that she won.

Thanks for playing. [DListed]