15 Dating Don’ts Worth Reading Again

I was having dinner with a friend the other night and I was in the middle of a rant about dating fatigue when our waitress, a beautiful and statuesque 20-something women, strode over to our table and said, “I hear you. It just never ends.”

We all nodded at each other, wordlessly, exchanging sympathetic I feel your pain looks.

Dating is so complicated it’s a wonder that people continue to do it. Navigating through all the awkwardness and nuances of romantic, human interactions requires a compass, or at the very least, a forum to vent.This is why our Dating Don’ts column is important. We could probably write dating how-not-to’s for another ten and never run out of topics to discuss. For The Frisky’s 5th birthday, I’ve rounded up some of the best dating tips we’ve given. It never hurts to brush up. Share your favorite Dating Don’ts moments in the comments or suggest some topics you’d like to see covered. And keep on keeping on, daters. We’re here for you.

1. Does every date feel the same to you? Has it been months since you’ve felt the hint of a spark? Are you starting to bore yourself on dates? You may be suffering from dating fatigue.

2. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember to be grateful for the lessons your exes taught you.

3. Once and for all, no matter who says so, it’s not your fault that you’re single. So you can stop blaming yourself.

4. Guys, if you want women to spend the night at your place, you best get girlproofing.

5. There are things a man can do or say that kill our vaginas.

6. Negging is not the way to a woman’s heart.

7. If you’re doing the tasmanian devil or the kangal fish, you’re kissing all wrong.

8. Live by the golden rule of dating and do not ghost.

9. Splitting stuff up after a breakup can be so confusing.

10. The smarty pants guy tops the do not date list.

11. Flirting just comes naturally, right? Well, not to everyone. Get your technique together.

12. To snoop or not to snoop? That is the question.

13. If you learn one lesson as a dater, it’s that you must trust your gut.

14. If you said “I love you” at the height of sex, it really doesn’t count.

15. You have five minutes to tell an attractive stranger that you’re spoken for.