RIP Society: Someone Bids $100K To Deflower A Sex Doll

Valentina, Brazil’s first life-like sex doll, is being called the world’s finest Real Doll with her “green eyes, fleshy lips, full breasts and a body that inspires envy in all women.”

God, I feel solo jealous right now of this SEX DOLL that I can barely finish writing this. Deep breath.

In conjunction with Valentina’s debut at Sao Paulo’s International Exhibition of Inflatable Dolls, online sex shop Sexônico is taking a cue from women like Catarina Migliorini and is auctioning Valentina’s virginity. The highest bidder will not only get to deflower Valentina, but will also win a prize package that includes a night with her in the Presidential Suite at the Swing Motel in Sao Paulo, a candlelight dinner with French champagne, and an aromatic bath with rose petals.

Stimulating conversation and intact hymen not included.

Bidding began at $5000 and has already climbed up to $105,100 as of Thursday. Stay tuned to see if the current highest bidder, Raul Espindola, will be the one who wins Valentina’s virginity. The auction closes March 31.

ONLY … IT’S A DOLL, people. I can’t.  [The Province]