Vogue HBIC Anna Wintour Gets A Promotion Behind The Scenes At Condé Nast

  • Oh, this is big. Vogue editrix Anna Wintour is taking on the additional role of artistic director at Condé Nast, a new title they’ve created just for her. She’ll be assuming some of the responsibilities once held by S.I. Newhouse Jr., who has controlled the editorial managerial side of Condé as chairman for over three decades. [New York Times]
  • What’s one more Baldwin in the family business? Alec’s 17-year-old daughter Ireland (yep, that “ungrateful little pig”) has landed her first modeling deal, signing with both Two Management in Los Angeles and IMG in New York. She’s 6’2! [The Daily Beast]
  • Givenchy head honcho Riccardo Tisci is the designer behind all of the custom Givenchy Haute Couture costumes Rihanna will wear on her Diamonds World Tour. Tisci says of the singer, “She offers intelligence, energy and pure beauty. Rihanna has what every girl aspires to have. She is the face of her generation.” [Telegraph]
  • Effective immediately, the European Union has banned all sales of cosmetics containing ingredients that have been tested on animals. A couple of loopholes: if an ingredient is classified as “pharmaceutical” and has been tested on animals, it’s fine, and as for products made outside of the EU using animal tests, they can still be sold if manufacturers can prove their safety without using data based on said animal tests. Hmmmm. [Sustainable Business]

  • Did you know that John Malkovich has a clothing label? Well, he does. It’s called Technobohemian, and you’ll soon be able to buy his seventeen-piece capsule collection through online retailer Yoox. Weird! [The Cut]
  • We have officially entered an alternate universe in which international fashion god Tom Ford speaks openly to André Leon Talley about changing his son’s diapers. [Fashionista]
  • The Kardashians just got shut down! (Now that’s a first.) Distribution for Khroma Beauty has been halted. A Florida-based company called Kroma is suing the gals for stealing their name, and as of now the judge is ruling in Kroma’s favor. [Daily Mail]
  • Where’s your sense of humor at, Cartier? The jewelry brand is all tight about the use of their name for a vulgar play on words. Does “Cuntier” ring a bell? [Huffington Post]