Style Stealer: Emmy Rossum’s Spring-y Floral Layers

So, I’ve finally decided to succumb to peer pressure and watch the TV show “Shameless,” starring William H. Macy and the lovely lady above, Emmy Rossum. Rossum has always struck me as one of those celebs who is inexplicably famous — minimal IMDB activity and dating a has-been rock star (Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows) does not usually make one a household name. Anyway, perhaps “Shameless” will change my current opinion of Rossum. Until then, I will happily admit to loving this outfit of hers, which I can’t wait to copycat the second spring decides to arrive (as I write this, snow is coming down outside, so it may be a while). Find out how to get the whole look after the jump!

Sweater: $49.99, Mango
Flats: $56, Topshop
Dress: $27.80, Forever 21
Tote: $52, Nordstrom
Sunglasses: $20, JC Penney