“Girls”‘ 5 Worst Relationships In Honor Of The Show’s Season 2 Finale

Season 2 of “Girls” did not disappoint. We’ve seen divorce, new love, mental disorders, sex with a drug dealer, a journey to Staten Island with a kidnapped dog, and of course, that Q-tip scene.

Hannah dated a—gasp!—Republican, and also had a two-night stand with the super-sexy Patrick Wilson. Jessa ended her marriage with typical Jessa-flare (lots of cussing and smashing of objects), and Shoshanna is in her first serious relationship, like, ever!

Meanwhile, Marnie is really swimming in some mid-twenties crisis/trying to find yourself crap. Nonetheless, the season has been filled with hilarious moments as well: Charlie becoming a boss man, Hannah doing drugs to get a writing job, and Marnie’s dress at Booth Jonathan’s party.

So, in honor of this weekend’s finale episode, we look back on a handful of the show’s most unhealthy relationships and offer our light-hearted advice. Read more…

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