9 Ways To Have The Most Whimsical Tumblr/Pinterest Wedding Ever!

Tumblr and Pinterest have given us so many wedding inspirations. If whimsy is your thing, I’ve got some tips for you. They may be old hat by now, but if it’s what you want, go for it. You rock those bridal antlers. I want to have my wedding at Arby’s so what the hell do I know? Let the quirky begin!

1. Mason jars. Mason jars everywhere. Need glasses? Mason jars. Need candle holders? Mason jars. Need center pieces? You guessed it, MOTHAFUCKIN’ MASON JARS.

2. Converse sneakers. You put them on the bride, you put them on the groom, you put them on the bridesmaids, you put them on the groomsmen, you put them everywhere, on anyone or anything that has feet or legs, you put those bitches right on the reception table legs.

3. Lanterns. Lanterns are so hot right now, especially the kind that you release into the sky . And out of all the cultural appropriation you could take, it’s hopefully the least offensive. Maybe not to birds, though. Oh wait, speaking of birds..

4. Birds on invites, as cake toppers, anything birds, just put them anywhere. Birds!

5. Chandeliers hanging from trees. Picture it. It’s dusk; time for dinner. There’s a long table decorated beautifully with mason jar candles. A lovely chandelier hangs above. But … wait a minute … we’re OUTSIDE!? WHAAA? (Record scratch.) I think it looks really cool but don’t even tell me that chandeliers outdoors aren’t one of the most whimsical wedding trends you’ve seen.

6. Brooch bouquet. Flowers are expensive and they’re dead. Why would you want to hold a dead thing on your wedding? What are you, the ADDAMS FAMILY? No way, you hit your grandma up for brooches and you find them in thrift stores and you put them into a bouquet that’s probably going to be really heavy but who cares, it looks way cooler than flowers and it can make a great weapon in case the wedding goes horribly awry.

7. Purposefully faded-looking photos. I don’t know how this happened, but apparently (almost) every wedding needs to look like it was shot with a 1970’s toy camera. And tilt shift! Don’t forget the tilt shift effect. This is all done digitally of course. You want to take those crisp digital photos and make them look like they were sitting in the sun for hours. Or put a tint over them. Or go the opposite way and saturate them to the point where you need sunglasses to see them. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here are some examples. Again, it’s your wedding, and if you want your 2013 wedding to look like it’s from 1913, you go for it.

8. Homemade photo booth complete with mustaches on sticks/picture frame props. I love photo booths. Who doesn’t, really? They’re fun. “I was there,” you can say, pointing to your photo. “I was there.” Get a faraway look in your eyes when you say that, and really force your friend to look at the photo. “I know you were there,” they’ll say. “I’m in the photo with you.” And you’ll say, “Oh. Whoa. I didn’t recognize you with that fake mustache on a stick in front of your face.”

9. A “Great Depression-Era Hobo”-theme. (Those are their words, not mine.) Oh man, did this create a stir in the wedding blog community. Some people were saying, “What’s the big deal?” and others were saying, “What the hell, seriously?” I feel like no couple should have to apologize for their wedding to the entire Internet. I don’t know. What do you think?