20 Things We’re Only Good At When We’re Drunk

This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday which holds many different meanings for different religious and ethnic groups, but for many young people, it’s generally interpreted as “The Day We All Get Super Drunk At Noon.” And so, in the spirit of overindulgence, I thought I’d take a moment to ask the rest of The Frisky staff about their random drunk talents — the things we can’t do (or at least can’t do very well) sober, but we excel at after a few martinis. Check out our list after the jump, and please share your own drunk skills in the comments!

1. Socializing with others.

2. Having sex in bathrooms.

3. Dancing.

4. Playing pool or darts.

5. Sending bold if inadvisable text messages.

6. Thinking it’s a good idea to trim my own bangs.

7. Eating all the mac and cheese.

8. Booty calling.

9. Telling my boyfriend I hope he finds love after I’m dead.

10. Remembering all the lyrics to “Bye Bye Miss American Pie.”

11. Google stalking.

12. Releasing all remaining sexual inhibitions.

13. Getting mad at people who haven’t done anything wrong.

14. Napping.

15. Making bawdy, off-color jokes.

16. Composing long, heart-felt emails to people I have unfinished business with.

17. Karaoke.

18. Making the first move.

19. Scrubbing the kitchen floor.

20. Crying in public.