Your Daily Squee: Eddie The Arthritic Otter Slam Dunks Adorably

I’ve noticed that I feel more concerned about animals than I do for humans. If you told me your grandpa had arthritis, I would nod sadly and politely. But if you told me this otter had arthritis, I would exclaim “OH MY GOD THAT IS SO SAD THIS ADORABLE OTTER HAS ARTHRITIS!” Fortunately the Oregon Zoo is all over it to keep Eddie the otter as spritely as possible. Key to his elbow-flexing regimen are shooting some hoops in the pool: he has a tiny, adorable basket and a tiny, adorable basketball. He’s actually pretty good! “Eddie almost never misses,” a zookeeper explains. “And if he does miss, he keeps going until he makes it.” For dunking baskets, Eddie gets some fish. Maybe you can replicate this with grandpa. [Smithsonian Mag]