“Piggy Poop Balls” And The Meaning Of Life

By now, you’ve probably seen this picture of a pig with a poop on it’s giant balls that’s been circulating around the interwebs. If you haven’t HERE IT IS. Buzzfeed tracked down the “piggy poop balls” photographer, Jeff Reardon to explain the circumstances under which his scatological masterpiece occurred.

“I was at The Minnesota State Fair…. we were in the pig barn and I had noticed this guy was very clean for a pig (probably had just been washed for competition?) and had his butt facing us with gigantic balls … My friends and I had just noticed him and were all looking at his gargantuan balls for no more than 3 seconds when all of a sudden he poops out this huge turd. It fell out his ass, onto his balls and sat on top of them for about 30 seconds before slowly sliding off. I think he made it fall off by taking a couple steps … We were horrified and couldn’t believe what we just saw. It was a very random and coincidental thing for us all to see. I just happened to have my phone out when it happened, felt compelled to document the nastiness, and there you have it. I sent it to Brandon and he posted it up on Reddit for the world to see … The picture is disgusting but I still think it’s hilarious. I had some lucky timing.”

So there you have it. Piggy poop balls is a metaphor for life. Sometimes we have lucky timing. And those moments should be cherished. Like yesterday when I ran into this guy I used to have a crush on in college on the subway. LIFE. [Buzzfeed]