Get Nailed With Miss Pop: “Girls” Knit Nails

I’m obsessed with “Girls” and of course, the euphonious line of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes inspired by them! Jessa, a color that can’t decide if it wants to be red or brown, or both. Marni, a polite pink that seems dainty but is actually quite strong. Shoshanna, a girlie lavender with a look-at-me streak of sparkle. And Hannah, a color unlike anything else out there. It’s a griege that desperately wants to be a neutral, but is too green to be anything but charmingly weird.

I wove the colors, like the character’s lives, into a nail art knit design for one of my fav real life New York girl, Marissa Stuart. Special thanks to her for hand modeling!

Get this look after the jump!

You Will Need:

  • 4 or more opaque nail polished like Deborah Lippmann “Girls” collection
  • A thin paintbrush like an eyeliner brush, a nail art striper brush, or you can even use a toothpick
  • 100% Acetone to clean your brush (optional)
  • A piece of tin foil or a plastic palette
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat

How To:

Step 1. First, polish your nails with base coat and two coats of the lightest color. Here, I used Marni pink. Allow these coats to completely dry.

Step 2. Pour a dab of another color polish on a piece of tin foil or a palette. Then, using a thin brush or toothpick, draw little thread like lines randomly across each nail. Each line should be roughly the same length but don’t worry about getting them perfectly straight.

Step 3. Repeat Step 2 with all the colors you’ve collected. To get the woven effect, make sure the lines are very close so there aren’t big gaps of your lightest color everywhere.

Step 4. Seal with a top coat and you’ve got knit nails!