Watch Out Everybody, Smoky Eyes And Winged Eyeliner Are Hot New Trends!

One of the most ridiculous things about both the beauty and fashion industries is their mutual insistence upon pitching literally everything at one point or another as a “hot new trend.” The New York Times Style section is particularly notorious for doing so: over the summer, they somehow mistook women having bangs for actual news. (They once did the same for dresses, but we don’t talk about that. Too painful.)

Now People StyleWatch has declared that there are two looks that are particularly popular on the red carpet right now, and you wouldn’t believe what they are. Sparkly gowns? Red lipstick? … Hair? Close! It’s smoky eyes and winged liner. Which, you know, people are never not wearing. But listen, the ladies over at People say that while these are both hot beauty trends, only the smoky eye is “guy-hot.” I have a few bones to pick with this statement. Firstly, I do so beg to differ — Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren are two of the sexiest sexbombs to ever sex, and they were both famous for their winged liner. Secondly, and most importantly, who the fuck cares? Isn’t it kind of a general consensus among women that we don’t wear makeup to appeal to men? And anyway, what is this universal “guy-hot” they speak of? Can someone enlighten me? (Maybe I’m just feeling vulnerable because winged liner is my go-to makeup look and I can’t master a smoky eye to save my life.) [People StyleWatch]