Italian Town Gives Pregnant Women & New Moms Their Own Parking Spaces

Women’s rights activists in Italy are supposedly upset that the town of Corinaldo has widened and repainted hundreds of parking spaces as pink to signify they are for pregnant women and new moms. The wider, moms-only parking spaces were debuted for International Women’s Day last Friday. But the UK’s Sun newspaper quotes feminist activists pointing out the gesture only serves to reinforce women’s traditional role as mothers:

“International Women’s Day is not about focusing on encouraging women to have more children and painting pink parking spaces. It is about equality and sharing the workload – they wouldn’t need pink spaces next to the shops if the men did the shopping occasionally. Or even better, looked after the kids so that the women could go to work.”

They have a point: singling out only moms for these spaces does reinforce women’s roles. Any special accommodations should not just be for new moms, they should be for new parents. But allocating parking spaces for pregnant women seems like a kind thing to do, not something to get up in arms about. Widening the parking spaces for women, however, strikes me as offensive and a rather backhanded way to “celebrate” International Women’s Day. [The Sun UK]

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