Hey, Ladies Of SXSW, Steer Clear Of This Guy

South by Southwest, the annual music/film/tech/excuse to eat tacos festival, began last week. It’s a great way to see a bunch of bands and network, we suppose, but it’s also an opportunity to make new friends, in exchange for “services.” At least according to one Craigslist poster, who offered perhaps one of the creepier SXSW living arrangements.

So says the ad from user “Daniel,” “This is a simple deal: A free place to stay with many extras in exchange for your services.” Oh, services? What a quaint way of demanding sex! Check out the full add after the jump.

And he’s not picky, either. You could be sisters, or twins, or look like twins, or okay, maybe you’re just one girl. Either way, remember, this is a “business deal” and a way to have “some fun” at the same time!

What do you, lucky lady, or ladies, get in return? Well, the poster promises to regale you with “food,” “free internet and wifi access” and “6% body fat.” So get ready! Craigslist removed the post early last week, but then it popped back up on the site on Thursday. My, “Daniel” is persistent. [Daily Mail]