Get Spicy In The Shower

I love a good shower gel, but man, there is nothing more annoying than stepping out of the shower smelling like a friggin’ perfume store. A little bit of fragrance is great, but some gels and washes are so treacly sweet that they almost make me nauseous. Enter Sachajuan’s Spicy Citrus shower gel and body lotion. It’s a softly sweet smell with rich and spicy undertones that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve just fallen into a vat of Calgon body mist. The Swedish company, which also offers a collection of high-end haircare products, prides itself on simple and clean design, an aesthetic that clearly translates to their shower gel scents. And if you don’t like spicy citrus (though why wouldn’t you?) there’s also Ginger Flower and Shiny Citrus flavors, too. [$16, Sachajuan]