5 Ways To Celebrate 311 Day, Which Is A Real Thing

You know, I thought I’d made up 311 Day — a day (3/11) to celebrate the band 311. But it turns out the band beat me to it. Today, 311 day, we celebrate how “all mixed up” we’d be without then. Did you know that 311 has been around for 25 years? Do you feel SO old right now? Sorry. Let’s get back to the important business of celebrating this holiday. Here are 5 ways to make 311 Day count…

1. Listen to 311 songs nonstop for the entire day, obviously. Here’s a pretty epic 311 playlist to get you started.

2. Take advantage of the “Free Eleven” giveaways the band is hosting at Live311.com. For the next 11 days they’ll be offering one free download every day.

3. Test your memory by trying to sing all the lyrics to “Down.” I just attempted this and remembered about 60% of the words. Late 90s Winona, who used to rap this flawlessly in the chemistry room at lunch, would think 2013 Winona was a total failure. Must work on my brain exercises.

4. Treat yourself to some 311 merchandise. It’s all on sale today! I’m partial to this flowy rasta tank.

5. Buy a 1993 Toyota Corolla that’s missing the rear-view mirror and most of its upholstery. Pick up your high school boyfriend (who should ideally be wearing a baja hoodie), drive to a romantic lookout point, put on “Amber,” lay on the hood, talk about really deep things like “Do dogs actually know that they’re dogs?” and then make out for a few hours. It might seem a bit extreme, but it’s the only way to have a truly authentic 311 Day experience.

Happy 311 Day, everyone!