James White Deep Fried His Roommate’s Hamster

I had a college roommate who slept with a bong in her bed. And another that had a boyfriend who she made take his shoes off and leave them in hall because his foot odor was so foul. I’ll never forget that smell. We’ve all had roommates from hell. But none as terrifying as York University student James White, otherwise known as the guy who cooked his roommate’s pet hamster.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they noticed a “strong smell coming from the kitchen” and found the animal in a frying pan. White confessed to cooking his roommate’s Syrian hamster while drunk to the “point of madness.” When cops asked his name, he referred to himself as “1,2,3,4.” (I think that qualifies as “drunk to the point of madness” or just … madness.) Eventually White confessed to cooking his roommate’s Syrian hamster.

Although he plead guilty in court, the prosecution was unable to confirm that the hamster was still alive when White cooked it. Because, apparently, that makes a difference. White walked away from the incident with a fine and a court order not to have  pet for the next eight years. That doesn’t seem long enough. After the jump, the very graphic image of White’s hamster dish. [The Tab]