You’ll Never Believe Who’s Terrorizing Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, is known as the “Mile High City,’ on account of its remarkable elevation, but it may fast be gaining a reputation for something else. Thong terrorizing. That’s because there’s a “thong bandit” who’s been flashing his thong at unsuspecting women in the

The unnamed thong specialist has been walking around fully-clothed. He’ll then dash into an alley way or behind a building and disrobe, down to his pink – that’s right, pink — thong.

Sisqo fanatic, or something more sinister?
The Thong Monster began flashing women last July, but has recently stepped up his disrobing activities, and has been spotted four times in the last two weeks.

“This is not something that is typical behavior, and it was difficult for us to get somebody that detailed enough information of this person’s face in order to help us with the sketch,” said Police Commander Paul Pazen. Probably because they’re starring at his thong?

But don’t worry, the Denver police “have a lot of resources that we’re going to dedicate to this.” [Huffington Post]