“Tanning Mom” Will Star In Her Own Biopic

Well, isn’t this is the bit of meta movie news wonderfulness I’ve been waiting for all my life? Tanning Mom, otherwise known as Patricia Krentcil, told In Touch magazine that there’s a biopic in the works about her life. I know! That’s amazing. But it gets way better. Guess who’s starring in “Tanning Mom: The Movie”? Nope, not Kristen Wiig, although that would be highly entertaining.

“I’ll star — It’s going to portray everything that’s happen,” Krentcil said.

A movie about Tanning Mom, starring Tanning Mom!? So, does that make it a documentary? What do I care? I cannot wait to see it. It sounds perfect for Lifetime. Ooh. I hope it includes her drunken night at the drag show. And BOWS! Lots and lots of BOWS!

In addition to starring in her own biopic, Krentcil claims she’s received a number of international modeling offers. “Everybody wants me,” she bragged.

Oh yes they do, Tanning Mom. Keep it coming, my muse. [Radar]