“Tanning Mom” Will Star In Her Own Biopic

Ami Angelowicz | March 8, 2013 - 8:40 am

Well, isn’t this is the bit of meta movie news wonderfulness I’ve been waiting for all my life? Tanning Mom, otherwise known as Patricia Krentcil, told In Touch magazine that there’s a biopic in the works about her life. I know! That’s amazing. But it gets way better. Guess who’s starring in “Tanning Mom: The Movie”? Nope, not Kristen Wiig, although that would be highly entertaining.

“I’ll star — It’s going to portray everything that’s happen,” Krentcil said.

A movie about Tanning Mom, starring Tanning Mom!? So, does that make it a documentary? What do I care? I cannot wait to see it. It sounds perfect for Lifetime. Ooh. I hope it includes her drunken night at the drag show. And BOWS! Lots and lots of BOWS!

In addition to starring in her own biopic, Krentcil claims she’s received a number of international modeling offers. “Everybody wants me,” she bragged.

Oh yes they do, Tanning Mom. Keep it coming, my muse. [Radar]